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               Compression Stocking Issues?

Watch this 43 second video (click on left), to see what the Doff N' Donner can do for you! 

Save time, decrease frustration, increase compliance...problem solved!  The gold standard in compression sock aids!

The many Benefits of The Doff N' Donner method:

Showing the 4 stages of rolling a compression stocking around the Doff N' Donner (the loading process).

Easy to Prepare!

We know that you don't have time to struggle with compression stockings,  so a caregiver invented the  Doff N' Donner...a "conveyor"  that will conform to your compression stocking, causing it to easily be pushed on to... or off of...the leg (or arm for a sleeve).  The "preparation" is called the "loading" process.  Proper training makes it easy and quick for most people! Best compression sock aid for 2019!

How to remove a compression stocking using the Doff N' Donner.

Easy to apply...and easy to remove!

After properly rolling the stocking around the Doff N' Donner (the "loading" process), simply "push" (for caregiver assistance) or "roll" (for patient self application) over the foot (or arm), and up the extremity as far as is comfortable; then release the Doff N' Donner compression sock aid until later for the removal process.  Compression garment removal ("doffing") is just as easy,  when following our written instructions and online videos. 

Beginning the rolling of a compression stocking around the Doff N' Donner. Preparing the Doff N' Donner for application to the leg or arm.

A Caregiver's Dream!

 The amazing Doff N' Donner compression sock aid will allow a caregiver to push & roll a compression stocking easily over any type of bandaging for a patient...completely undisturbed! Caregivers can save valuable time, and more importantly greatly reduce or even eliminate pain and sensitivity previously experienced by patients.  The Doff N' Donner compression sock aid is preferred by most patients and caregivers, as caregivers can actually teach 85% of patients to use this method independently!  

About CTS Doff N' Donner

We noticed a common problem with compression patients...most people have trouble getting their compression garments on and off. In the spring of 2012, we were introduced to a new technology...the Doff N' Donner method. We knew it would be the real answer for caregivers and patients...and that has proven to be true. 85% of patients and caregivers prefer the Doff N' Donner method!

Your physician may prescribe  compression stocking use for many conditions, includng:

-Varicose Veins 

- Chronic Venous Insufficiency


-Post Surgical Care


-Poor Circulation

-Swelling or Edema

-PST (post-thrombotic syndrome)

Be assured that most people will find compliance much easier with a compression stocking sock aid! can RELAX!

The Doff N' Donner method has become the "Gold Standard" for compression stocking sock aids, and it works beautifully for MOST patients.  Why?

It increases compliance, while decreasing time and frustration for a difficult daily task. It eliminates the need for gloves.  This method enables patients and caregivers to glide a compression stocking on a leg (or arm) with ease...even over bandaging!  With proper training (written instructions and online videos), a tight compression stocking will go on, as well as magic!

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Doff N' Donner...the compression sock aid that really works

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