The Original Doff N’ Donner Combo Pack


The Combo Pack includes everything needed for success with The Original Doff N’ Donner method…all in one package! The Combo Pack includes one (1) Doff N’ Donner, one (1) Cone Applicator, one (1) Instructional DVD and Free economy shipping!

  • Designed for use by PATIENTS independently, or for CAREGIVERS of patients.
  • Accomplishes BOTH Donning AND Doffing…no other method does this.
  • INCREASES stocking life (no pulling/tugging), DECREASES time and frustration.
  • NO GLOVES NEEDED! The Doff N’ Donner sleeve is a superior replacement to gloves… smooths out wrinkles with one “swipe”!
  • NOTE:  Not for use with Pantyhose, or for patients with calfs or ankles measuring over 25 inches in diameter.


The Doff N’ Donner is the patented device that makes the Doff N’ Donner work so well.  It is a “toroid”, made from TPE (no latex) and is filled with soapy water.  It is used in conjunction with the Cone applicator, to roll the stocking around it for the easy application and removal of compression stockings.  Order an extra one for the other leg (only one (1) is included in the Combo Pack), or for assistance with an arm-sleeve!

The Cone applicator device assists in “rolling” the stocking onto the Donner. This “rolling” process is necessary before donning your stocking. A Donner with a stocking rolled onto it is now called a “loaded Donner”. Once the Donner is “loaded”, it is now ready for Donning. The Cone works well for all types of compression garments (closed toe, open toe, circular or flat knit, knee high or thigh high) and is favored 3:1 by our Doff N’ Donner users. The base of the cone attaches to any clean, flat & stable surface using a suction cup, and is the most versatile applicator available for the Donner.



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