The Cone Applicator


This acts as a loading device, and makes it easy to roll stockings onto the Doff N’ Donner. The base has suction built into the bottom, and will firmly attach to most smooth & clean stable surfaces.


This applicator device assists in “rolling” the stocking onto the Donner. This “rolling” process is necessary before donning your stocking. A Donner with a stocking rolled onto it is now called a “loaded Donner”. Once the Donner is “loaded”, it is now ready for Donning. The Cone works well for all types of compression garments (closed toe, open toe, circular or flat knit, knee high or thigh high) and is favored 3:1 by our Doff N’ Donner users. The base of the cone attaches to any clean, flat & stable surface using a suction cup, and is the most versatile applicator available for the Donner.


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