Written Instructions - Page 1 (Download on Page 2)

STEP 1 - THE rolling/loading PROCESS


 Place the Cone applicator on a smooth & sturdy clean surface. Turn the lever from right, to

left, to attach the suction base to the surface. If suction is not secure, repeat process, or try another surface.

Stocking & donner on Cone


 This step is like applying the stocking to a leg upside down (top goes on first). Smooth ALL wrinkles to bottom of the Cone. (There will be excess fabric with longer garments (i.e.thigh high).  Apply Doff N'Donner (sleeve) over top of Cone (grasp securely when picking up,   to maintain control. Guide Doff N' Donner to bottom of Cone. 

pull/roll Stocking over donner & up Cone


 Using thumbs and fingers, grab all wrinkled fabric at bottom of Cone, pull fabric slightly out...and then slowly begin pulling fabric up over the Doff N' Donner. Shake a bit while pulling up, to prevent wrinkles. STOP at the point described below, depending on TYPE of stocking: 

Stop pulling/rolling up cone, depending on: your stocking type!


CLOSED TOE KNEE HIGH, CLOSED TOE   THIGH HIGH and OPEN TOE THIGH HIGH: Pull fabric up until it is 2-6 inches above the top of Cone (depending on length of stocking... more length, higher is better).    

 OPEN TOE KNEE HIGH Pull fabric up to level where top band of garment is 3 inches BELOW top of Cone. 

Next, roll completely off Cone, continuing to follow directions (next).

roll off the cone


   Once fabric has been pulled up to the proper point, place both hands on each side of the Doff N' Donner sleeve, and roll it all the way up the Cone, continuing to roll the garment off the Cone (easily done using fingers to squeeze and roll at the top. No more pulling at this point!  Immediately turn upside down, and then...depending on TYPE of stocking, 

COMPLETE the roll (next).  

complete the roll: open toe vs. closed toe


CLOSED TOE ROLL FINISH: Roll until toe of stocking creates a capped or FLAT END. OPEN TOE (or Arm sleeve) FINISH: Roll only until the toe band of stocking appears, and you see it retract to approx. 1 in. to 1-1/2 in. BELOW THE TOP; then STOP.  You are now ready to Don!  NOTE: Longer stockings may have excess fabric protruding from opposite end. This is OK...just guide over toes if it "catches" them while donning!

Written Instructions - Page 2 - Coming soon!

step 2: prepare for the donning process


To prepare for donning, make sure you identify the HEEL of the stocking (usually there is a reinforced area for this).  Face the heel DOWN, AND AWAY FROM TOES.  This may require marking heel with a permanent marker, for easier recognition.

face heel down, away from toes when ready to don!


With HEEL FACING DOWN, and opposite end of heel facing toes (either the capped end for closed toe stockings, or the open end with the retracted toe band for open toe stockings MUST FACE TOES first), PUSH (for caregiver application) or ROLL (for patient application) over toes/foot. Apply extra pressure on top, to push fluid in Doff N' Donner towards heel for easier process.

apply to leg, release at a comfortable point


After the Doff N' Donner is successfully over the heel, finish application by continuing to PUSH (caregiver application), or ROLL (patient application) up the leg to the MOST COMFORTABLE POINT (this varies, depending on each person).  Release Doff N' Donner from stocking, and remove from leg.  Place anywhere away from heat for removal process.

step 3: the doffing process


With both hands, ROLL the Doff N' Donner  over foot and up the the highest comfortable point below the top of your stocking.  Depending on that point, either 1) pinch the top to the top of stocking band, OR pull the top of stocking down over top of Doff N' Donner until it is covered with fabric, then place hands over Doff N' Donner and allow it to roll stocking to ankle, then off leg.

let doff n' donner roll stocking off leg, and push it off the foot! Here's how:


When donning, the Doff N' Donner will easily roll your stocking down to the ankle.  At that point, push it (with both hands) off the foot, applying more pressure toward the heel (which forces the fluid in the Doff N' Donner there) ...for easier removal.  Oftentimes the donning process will prepare the Doff N' Donner for the next application.  Or, reach inside to grab the toe of garment to remove stocking from Doff N' Donner (or place on Cone for removal) and wash.

issues? problems?


Q: What if the Doff N' Donner gets "stuck" in the stocking?  

A:  Find the toe and pull it out, or place on the Cone and unroll it!

Q:  What if it will not go over my foot?

A:  Push liquid toward the area that is stuck...and use a looser "roll"  (see half-roll techniques on YouTube, or call Linda @ 800-287-1360)

Q:  How to clean/disinfect 

the Doff N' Donner?

A:  Warm, soapy water...dishwater is just fine.  You can also place in a large plastic bag, pour in some isopropyl

alcohol and shake until coated.