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Sigvaris Doff N' Donner - 15 pack - Blue Sleeve only ($33.27/unit)

Sigvaris Doff N' Donner - 15 pack - Blue Sleeve only ($33.27/unit)

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Save 41% When you Purchase our 15-Pack!

For medical facility use, and resale to compression patients.  
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The Doff N' Donner is a game-changing tool for caregivers and compression stocking patients. Used with the Cone applicator, it can accomplish the difficult task of getting tight compression stockings well as off, with great ease. It also serves as the perfect wrinkle release and heel placement tool for compression stockings.  NOTE: Not recommended for use alone.  The Cone applicator, as well as proper training...are both needed for success with this product. See "Doff N' Donner Combo Pack"...which includes Doff N' Donner ("sleeve") AND Cone Applicator for best success!   

DISCLAIMERS: There is a learning curve with this method. For best success, please follow written instructions carefully, and also view online videos.   Will not work for pantyhose. Not recommended for patients with foot or calf measurements larger than 25 in. diameter. NOTE: Most elderly patients will still need caregiver assistance.

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